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Company Profile N-Solv™ Corporation is a privately-owned Canadian corporation founded in 2003, owned by Hatch Ltd., Enbridge Inc. and Nenniger Inc., and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

N-Solv™ was founded with the objective of developing and commercializing an in-situ gravity drainage process that utilizes warm solvent vapor as its working fluid.

N-Solv™ holds a significant intellectual property portfolio of patents, both granted and pending, and know-how related to the technology; the portfolio is accessible to clients via licensing, joint ventures, or other partnership forms.

In practice, the N-Solv™ process via The BEST (Bitumen Extraction Solvent Technology) Pilot Plant will demonstrate N-Solv™ technology at field scale and is the collaboration of N-Solv™ Corporation and Suncor Energy, with grant support from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC). Suncor’s Dover lease in the Athabasca is the host site for the 500 barrel-per-day facility, comprising a 300-m horizontal wellpair and a surface plant for processing produced hydrocarbons.

The N-Solv™ process uses the proven horizontal well technology developed for the steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) process, but differs significantly in that it does not use any water. Instead, N-Solv™ uses warm propane or butane, which is injected as a vapor, and condenses underground, washing the valuable compounds out of the bitumen. The science of the N-Solv™ process has been validated at the laboratory scale and now requires field piloting in order to demonstrate commercial readiness.

The process is expected to produce a lighter, partially upgraded, and hence, more valuable, oil product and may recover more resource from each well at lower capital and operating costs than existing in-situ processes. On a lifecycle basis, the GHG intensity improvement over the baseline, SAGD, is estimated at 93 kg/bbl CO2e. The GHG benefits associated with the technology are derived from two sources: extraction emissions (those associated with liberating oil from the ground) and from a significant reduction in downstream upgrading requirements (and consequently, energy consumption). Once demonstrated at field scale, N-Solv™ has the potential to deliver a 19 megatonne GHG reduction in the first 5 years after commercialization and 110 megatonnes of GHG reduction in the first 10 years, while contributing $35 billion of incremental value to the Alberta economy. Also, the process uses no water, lessening the oilsands’ demand on this scarce resource and adding greater flexibility to plant siting.

Construction of the BEST pilot began in Q2 2012 and is scheduled for completion December 2012; solvent injection and first oil production is expected for the second quarter of 2013.

Management Team
Dr. John Nenniger, Sc.D., FCAE
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. John Nenniger, Sc.D., FCAEJohn initiated the development of what is now the N-Solv™ process, starting with early calculations and lab experiments in the late 1990s. John has been a research and consulting engineer in the oil and gas industry for more than 25 years, and has built a reputation for developing cost-effective and reliable technology for various industry problems throughout his career. John holds a Doctorate of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and, in 2007, was elected as a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineers.

Mr. Ron Nolan, FCAE

Mr. Ron Nolan, FCAERon is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hatch Ltd., the world’s largest engineering and construction management company dedicated to energy, metals and infrastructure. As Vice President, Engineering, and then President of Hatch, Ron was responsible for the development of advanced technology innovations for major client industrial projects in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, China, Eastern Europe and South Africa. Ron has a B.Sc. (Electrical) from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Ron is a distinct Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineers. In 2004 Ron served as President of the CAE.

Mr. Murray Smith
VP Business Development

Mr. Murray SmithA member of N-Solv’s board of directors, Murray is former provincial politician, having served as a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta from 1993 until 2004. In 2001, Murray was named Minister of Energy is credited with securing international recognition of Alberta’s 176 billion barrels of established oil reserves—including 174 billion barrels of oilsands. During his tenure, Alberta annual oil and gas royalty revenue rose to over $9 billion, a record number of wells were drilled (over 20,000), and over $60 billion in investment was committed to Alberta oilsands projects. Murray also expanded the Alberta’s reach internationally when he served as the Official Representative of the Province of Alberta to the United States of America. Murray is a frequent commentator and source for energy analysis for US and Canadian print and electronic media. Murray is also a frequent presenter and speaker to investor organizations and conferences.

Mr. Alex Stickler
VP Commercial Affairs

Mr. Alex SticklerPrior to his role at N-Solv, Alex served as Hatch’s Director for Oil & Gas Technologies, looking after the company’s technology investments and internal developments in that sector, and has worked as a professional in the field of development and commercialization of industrial technologies for over 15 years. Alex holds a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Denver, and an MBA from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

Mr. Paul Krawchuk
VP Operations

Mr. Paul KrawchukPaul is a senior engineer with 15 years of experience in engineering and management of projects for the oil and gas industry, specifically in the area of heavy oil recovery. He has diverse expertise in all aspects of upstream activities including operations, drilling, completions, production, facilities, construction and project management. He is adept at dealing with non-conventional reservoirs and EOR processes, having worked with recovery methods that have included steam floods, cyclic steam injection, SAGD, and solvent processes. Paul brings his extensive experience from over a dozen different heavy oil projects in Canada, the United States, and South America.

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