The BEST (Bitumen Extraction Solvent Technology) Pilot Plant will demonstrate N-Solv™ technology at field scale with the objective of readying the technology for full-scale commercial deployment. Suncor’s Dover lease in the Athabasca is the host site for the 500 barrel-per-day facility, comprising a 300-m horizontal wellpair and a surface plant for processing produced hydrocarbons.

Project Objectives

  • Extraction Rate: ≥ SAGD extraction rates at 40°C with zero water usage
  • Oil Quality:
    • Upgrade in-situ bitumen from ~8 °API to ~13 °API
    • Nickel and vanadium less than 150 ppm
    • Carbon residue at ~5%
  • Recovery Factor: 65% or higher
  • Solvent / Oil Ratio: 5 or less
  • Solvent Hold-up: 0.2 bbl/bbl extracted or less
  • GHG Emissions: Reduction of ≥ 80% relative to SAGD


  • Suncor Dover lease in the Athabasca, near Fort McKay, Alberta
Latitude 57.06 N
Longitude 111.92 W

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SDTC Launch

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Project Lead:


Project host:


Financial support:


Key Suppliers:

Tracerco   Petrospec Engineering Ltd.

B3 Consultants


  • Basic and Detail Engineering: March 2011 – July 2012
  • Permitting: April 2011 – May 2012
  • Construction: May 2012 – December 2012
  • Start of Operations: December 2012
  • Start of Solvent Injection and 1st Oil: May 2013
  • Operations: May 2013 - 2015

Pilot Project

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