N-Solv™ is a proprietary in-situ technology that uses warm solvent to extract bitumen from oil sands efficiently, sustainably, and economically. The environmentally friendly process consumes no water and operates at an 80-85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with existing commercial technologies. The first of its kind pilot plant located near Ft. McMurray, Alberta has been operating successfully since 2013.
  • 85% less energy required for extraction than Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage.
  • In-situ upgrading solvent gravity drainage cleaner lighter oil solvent-based gravity drainage higher product value
Economic Benefit
  • Lower CAPEX investment than steam-based in-situ technologies.
  • Lower OPEX from elimination of steam production and water treatment plants
  • Lighter, more valuable oil product
  • Zero process water usage
  • Low input energy + in-situ upgrading = 93kg CO2e per barrel avoided emissions
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