The N-Solv process offers commercial, environmental as well as public and community benefits.

Commercial Benefits

N-Solv offers higher capital efficiency, lower operating costs, and produces a higher quality oil product than competing in-situ processes.


CAPEX Efficiency

  • The N-Solv solvent process eliminates the need for an expensive steam/water treatment plant


  • The N-Solv process eliminates steam and associated water treatment chemicals, a cost which makes up a significant fraction of the operating cost of a SAGD project.
  • N-Solv uses 85% less energy input than steam-based extraction processes


  • Higher value oil: in situ upgrading improves both the produced oil quality and API gravity
    • 13 API vs 8 API for SAGD
    • Asphaltenes, heavy metals remain in situ, hence 20% less of each extracted barrel becomes waste

More Target Reservoirs

  • Low temperatures and pressures allow thin, shallow, and low pressure zones to be economically attractive targets

Environmental Benefits

Lower GHG intensity

  • 93kg CO2e per barrel reduction compared to SAGD
GHG Emissions

No water consumption or contamination

  • Consumption: Eliminates strain on a scarce resource
  • Contamination: No downstream contamination concerns
  • Improves relationship between communities, wildlife, and energy production

No coke waste sent to landfills

Public and Community Benefits

Zero water consumption

  • N-Solv technology enables oil production that does not compete with community water resources or raise concerns of downstream contamination.

Greater royalty income

  • Increasing the pie for all: Through its economic and energy efficiency, N-Solv yields greater royalty revenue for the Alberta and its citizens in parallel to offering project proponents greater economic returns than with other technologies.
  • N-Solv increases Albertas reserves by providing a technology for accessing shallow, thin, carbonate, and low pressure reservoirs that are currently stranded due to a lack of effective technology.
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