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N-Solv™ is a patented in-situ technology that uses warm solvent to extract bitumen from oil sands efficiently, sustainably, and economically. Currently, N-Solv™ is preparing to demonstrate the commercial readiness of the technology at its field pilot plant located near Ft. McMurray, Alberta. The plant was successfully turned over to the operations team in May 2013 - please stay tuned for more information in the coming months.
  • 85% less energy required for extraction than Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage.
  • In-situ upgrading  solvent gravity drainage  cleaner, lighter oil  solvent-based gravity drainage  higher product value
Economic Benefit
  • Lower CAPEX investment than steam-based in-situ technologies.
  • Lower OPEX from elimination of steam production and water treatment plants
  • Lighter, more valuable oil product
  • Zero process water usage
  • Low input energy + in-situ upgrading = 93kg CO2e per barrel avoided emissions
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